Chamber Groups

QUARTET (1 piano, 2 violins, 1 bass)
QUINTET (1 piano, 2 violins, 1 flute, 1 bass)
SIXTET (1 piano, 2 violins, 1 flute, 1 saxophone, 1 bass)
SEPTET (1 piano, 3 violins, 1 flute, 1 saxophone, 1 bass)
OCTET (1 piano, 4 violins, 1 flute, 1 saxophone, 1 bass)
10 to 20 pc. Chamber Orchestra
Male Singer


Church Ceremony / Catholic Rites
1. Processional of Groom & Entourage
2. Processional of Bride
3. Alleluia
4. Offertory
5. Lord’s Prayer by Malotte or Ama Namin
6. Communion
7. Kiss the bride
8. Contract signing
9. Pictorial
10. Recessional

Mass parts such as Entrance Hymn, Kyrie, Gloria, Holy Holy, Memorial Acclamation, Great Amen, and Lamb of God are omitted as part of church’s restrictions.

During wedding vows, ring & coin ceremony, we are discouraged by videographers to play background music due to their need for sound clarity in preparation for the same-day-edit video.

Regarding selected song for Bridal March, please seek church’s approval.

Christian Ceremony / Garden Rites / Civil Wedding
1. Lighting of candles: Prelude Music
2. Processional of Groom & Entourage
3. Processional of Bride
4. Worship Song
5. Unity candle ceremony
6. Contract signing
7. Pronouncement of marriage / Kiss the bride
8. Pictorial
9. Recessional

PERFORMANCE AT THE RECEPTION (total performance time: 2hrs.)
1. First dance of bride & groom – 1 song
2. Cake ceremony – 1 instrumental song
3. Pictorial with guests – We play continuously while bride & groom take photos with guests.
4. Lunch or dinner proper – We play continuously while guests have their meals.
5. Father – daughter dance (father of the bride) – 1 song
6. Mother – son dance (mother of the groom) – 1 song

Leggiero Strings shall not play during speeches, games & social dancing.

With regards to the playlist, you may select all songs you like from our given repertoire. We will do the balance and sequence of songs. Should there be a need to add more songs during the wedding reception proper; then we will just fill-in our music choices.

A. For reservation, 50% of agreed package is required as downpayment. Client makes a deposit at any nearest branch of Bank of Philippine IslandsCurrent Account # 0385-2989-51 Joaquin and/or Merlie Yapchulay.
B. For confirmation, client shall email copy of the validated deposit slip or remittance slip along with complete wedding event details. Send the following info: branch of BPI where Dp was made, name of bride & groom, availed music service package, date & time of wedding, churchplace & reception venue. E-mail to DO NOT send via facebook messenger or viber.
C. The Client shall pay the agreed total contract price, net of withholding taxes.
D. The remaining 50% balance is payable via BPI account, one (1) week prior to the event. Do not forget to send proof of balance payment. E-mail copy of deposit slip to
E. Should Client opt to pay remaining 50% balance on the day of the event, payment must be prepared in CASH.
F. The Client shall provide full, decent meals & drinks for musicians + one (1) assisting staff. OR Client may opt to provide cash/meal allowance of P300 per person.
G. The Client shall inform the caterer or the venue to provide regular chairs for the musicians.
H. A professional sound system is highly recommended for the ceremony & reception venue. The Client shall ask sound system supplier to provide wired microphones with mic. stands for every instrumentalist & singer, one (1) PL cable, one (1) XLR cable, one (1) extension cord, and one (1) floor monitor speaker.
I. Should there be no basic sound system set-up at the venue, client may opt to avail of our own basic sound system for the perusal of the musicians. Basic sound system costs Php 3,500. Basic sound system includes a JBL powered speaker, a sound mixer with cables and clip microphones for instruments.
J. The Client shall secure endorsement form of musicians from some churches that require it. The client shall have their selected music playlist for the ceremony approved by the church office.
K. The Client shall secure entry pass or gate pass from hotels & venues like country clubs, restaurants, condos & office buildings that require it. Gate pass / entry pass shall be pre-approved and duly acknowledged by the venue’s engineering & banquet department and shall be endorsed to security accordingly.
L. Should there be any electrical charges, client shall settle required corkage fee prior to the event and e-mail copy of receipt. Accomplished and approved gate pass / entery pass shall be forwarded to us via e-mail.
M. The Client shall provide also a complimentary parking pass for at least one (1) vehicle.
N. Leggiero Strings shall provide the digital keyboard (10 watts), other music instruments and music stands.
O. Leggiero Strings’ attire shall be black tuxedo or white barong or coat & tie.
P. Leggiero Strings’ call time is thirty (30) minutes to one (1) hour only prior to the start of the event.
Q. In case of postponement of the event, the client shall write a letter of postponement. For a re-schedule of the event, the new date shall be subject to mutual agreement.
R. In case of cancellation of the event, the reservation fee & downpayment are non-refundable, but transferable. The Client shall use the music services for other events within one (1) year from date of agreement or contract signing.


During the challenging times of the pandemic, Leggiero Strings managed to provide pleasant virtual live performances.


For corporate events, the Leggiero Strings & Chamber Orchestra will fascinate you with stately, grand and surround music; thus giving you a unique musical experience.


For destination weddings & events, the Leggiero Strings & Chamber Orchestra will keep you allured with serene & romantic music.
Rates vary according to destination.